Housing/Dining Accommodations

Students with disabilities may need housing and/or dining accommodations in order to have full and integrated access to on-campus housing.

Examples of housing accommodations include but are not limited to:

  • ADA compliant rooms
  • Single occupancy rooms
  • Non-communal restroom
  • Room/furniture modifications
  •  Meal plan modifications
  •  Assistance animals

Housing/Dining accommodations must be reasonable, relate to the students' disability and address barriers to the on-campus housing / dining services environment(s). The Center for Educational Access (CEA), University Housing and Dining Services work closely together to ensure accommodation needs are appropriately implemented for students with disabilities living on campus.  

Please note:  A University Housing contract must be completed to live on campus. 

Annual notification to University Housing of accommodations is required. Please email the CEA at ada@uark.edu to update your request annually.

Housing/Dining Accommodation Procedures:

To initiate the housing/dining services accommodation request process, the student must complete these steps: 

1. Complete the Online Request to CEA for Housing/Dining Services Accommodations form.  

2. Provide documentation of disability or medical condition from a qualified health or other provider. Documentation should include disability-related barriers to the campus housing/dining environment and support the requested accommodations. Documentation can be submitted by one of the following methods:

Center for Educational Access (CEA) 
435 N Garland Ave, Room 209 ARKU
University of Arkansas 
Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701 
Hours: Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. 
P 479-575-3104 (office) 

* Please note: 

  • If your only accommodation request is to have a service animal live in University Housing, you are not required to provide disability documentation to the CEA.
  • For students with obvious disabilities and accommodation needs, documentation may not be required. 

Request Review and Recommendation Notice

Upon receiving both the completed online request and documentation, CEA staff will:

  • evaluate the request,
  • email written notice to University Housing and/or Dining Services, and
  • email a copy of the written notice to you via your UARK email address.

Requests will be evaluated in a timely manner within the context of current University policies, your needs, and available facilities.  Space is limited in University Housing facilities, so early requests for housing accommodations are strongly encouraged.

Academic Accommodations 

Completing the request for Housing and/or Dining Services accommodation does NOT include requesting academic accommodations which is a separate process. If, at any time during your matriculation at the University of Arkansas, you would like to request academic accommodations to address disability-related barriers in an academic setting, please complete the Online Request to CEA for Academic Accommodations form and schedule an access plan meeting discuss accommodations.  Our office can be reached by email or phone.