Adjusting to a university setting presents many challenges for new students, especially for those with disabilities. The University of Arkansas in Fayetteville makes every effort to offer equal educational opportunities for all students and is committed to improving the total university experience for students with disabilities.

The CEA provides direct support for students with disabilities and training and educational resources to the University community as a whole. 

Our Purpose

The purpose of the CEA is to facilitate campus access for students with disabilities, chronic health or temporary limitations.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Center for Educational Access is to lead University efforts in facilitating an inclusive and accessible environment for students with disabilities through innovative practice, informed educational discourse, exceptional accommodation provision, and collaborative programming.

Philosophy of Access

Our philosophy is to provide an environment in which students are encouraged to develop independence, the ability to self-advocate, and knowledge of resources that will enable them to take advantage of opportunities available in the modern world.

The Center for Educational Access (CEA) provides services directly to students with disabilities, but also to the community at large in order to maximize the accessibility of all the programs and activities of the University.