Accommodated Testing

Notice to Students & Faculty

The Center for Educational Access (CEA), in partnership with the Office of Testing Services, a unit of the Graduate School & International Education, is happy to announce an exciting new development to support accommodated testing for both faculty and students! The CEA and Testing Services have partnered to provide more inclusive testing locations, for in-person accommodated exams, in accordance with APS 1520.20. Starting July 1, 2022, Testing Services will assume administrative responsibility of accommodated test proctoring. This includes the use and management of the Test Center located in room 305 of the Stadium Drive Parking Garage.

More details will be announced to the community soon, as the process for scheduling accommodated tests will change slightly. Here is what you need to know now:

  • Continue to first contact your instructor to discuss how test accommodations are implemented in their course.
  • Currently and when applicable, continue scheduling your exams via your CEA Student Profile.
  • Starting Summer Session II (July 5th), accommodated exams scheduled through the CEA will be proctored at Testing Services, located at 97 N. Razorback Road (corner of Meadow Street and Razorback Road.) You may refer to the university campus map or contact for further directions.

The Center for Educational Access will still serve as a liaison and work collaboratively with testing services to ensure student accommodations are appropriately implemented, as the University remains committed to providing students equitable access to university programs and services.

For questions/concerns regarding test scheduling, contact

Using Test Accommodations


Students who experience limitations or barriers related to tests or the testing environment may be eligible for testing accommodations. Visit our Getting Started webpage for information on the CEA’s two registration options.


Many instructors have developed new and innovate ways to assess student learning without using timed exams. The CEA strongly encourages instructors and departments to continue this practice, following the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). While UDL does not eliminate the need for accommodations, it can create a more accessible and inclusive educational experience for all students while also reducing the administrative tasks involved with facilitating accommodations.

CEA Staff welcome opportunities to collaborate with faculty and academic departments in identifying assessment strategies or in-department proctoring options. Please do not hesitate to contact our office via e-mail ( or phone (479-575-3104) to discuss how accommodations can be facilitated in your course(s).