Faculty Guidance

What to Know

  • As of July 1, 2022, Testing Services, a unit of the Graduate School & International Education,  has assumed administrative responsibility of accommodated test proctoring. Testing Services operates in accordance with APS 1520.20 to assist faculty in facilitating complex test accommodations for in-class proctored exams. 

    • Center for Educational Access will continue to still serve as a liaison and work collaboratively with testing services to ensure student accommodations are appropriately implemented, as the University remains committed to providing students equitable access to university programs and services.

    • Testing Services is located on campus at 97 N. Razorback Road (corner of Meadow St. & Razorback Rd). For more information on their scheduling processes and services, e-mail Testing Services at testing@uark.edu or call 479- 575-3948.


  • Faculty are responsible for making arrangements to facilitate standard test accommodations (e.g., extended time, distraction-reduced testing environment, brief breaks, etc.) within their department in order to provide instructor access to students with disabilities during exams.

    • Tip: Anticipate at least 10% of students in each course section will be eligible for test accommodations. 
  • Students are required to inform their instructors of their accommodations each semester by requesting a Faculty Notification Letter (FNL) to be sent via email. Faculty are required to provide exam accommodations to eligible students. Once notification letter is received, contact your students to discuss how accommodations are facilitated in your course.

  • Faculty with 50 or more students should strongly consider assessment methods that minimize need for standard accommodations such as extended time (ex: take-home tests, written assignments, presentations/projects) OR online exams taken remotely with a flexible exam window for all students.   

  • CEA Staff are available for consultation and guidance, to ensure student accommodations are appropriately implemented. From programming extended time to identifying departmental test spaces, we are here to help! Feel free to email us at ada@uark.edu or contact us directly via phone at (479) 575-3104

What to Do

  • Step 1: Identify a quiet space and proctor within your academic department to facilitate standard accommodations. Distraction-reduced testing environments can include empty classrooms, vacant offices, conference rooms, etc. 

    • Note:  25Live Pro is the classroom and event scheduling tool used by the Office of the Registrar. 

  • Step 2: Once Notification Letter is received, contact the student to discuss how their accommodations will be facilitated in your course.

    • Note: Students are not required to disclose medical details, such as their diagnoses, to instructors. We recommend discussing accommodations with students in a private, one-on-one setting during office hours or by appointment.

CEA Staff are available for consultation and guidance.  Feel free to email us at ada@uark.edu or contact us directly via phone at (479) 575-3104.


Need Testing Services for Accommodated Exam Procotring? 

  • Complete the Accommodated Testing Agreement using the link provided in your Faculty Notification Letter.  A Testing Agreement must be completed for your course(s) each semester in order to utilize Testing Services proctoring.

    • The purpose of the testing agreement is twofold:

      • To confirm the Testing Services is needed for proctoring.

      • To provide exam instructions (e.g., test format, authorized materials, time allotted to complete exams, etc.).

  • Step 2: Review notifications of students’ exam appointments for any scheduling concerns. 

  • Step 3: Provide your exam to the Testing Services at least 48 hours in advance. Exams can be provided via email (testing@uark.edu), uploaded to student appointment, or in-person. 

  • Step 4: Be available should students or testing services staff have questions/concerns during the exam.

  • Step 5: Collect Completed Exams

  • NOTE: While Testing Services has assumed the management of the Union Station Test Center (SPDG 305) the primary location for accommodated test proctoring will be at Testing Services Razorback Road location (corner of Meadow Street and Razorback Road). 

    Contact Testing Services at testing@uark.edu or (479) 575-3948 with questions/concerns or for more information on their processes and services. 


Global Campus & Remote Exam Accommodation  

  • Standard test accommodations can be easily facilitated in an online environment. 

  • Pro-actively program extended time into Blackboard upon receipt of the student's accommodation letter and communicate the following to students before their exam:  when the exam starts, how long they have to complete it, and when it must be submitted.

    • Note: Please ensure the Blackboard timer showcases the accurate amount of time allotted. Visit Blackboard Tips for step-by-step instructions or contact tips@uark.edu for assistance.
  • Please contact your students to discuss how accommodations will be facilitated in your course and contact the CEA with any questions or concerns.
  • Please be aware of compatibility when using Respondus Lockdown Browser for accommodated exams, as some assistive software may not be compatible/usable with Respondus.  

    • Note: ReadSpeaker (RS): is a built-in app in Blackboard that's available to all faculty, staff, and students. It functions within Respondus for both Mac and Windows users. 

  • Contact your student to discuss any potential barriers and the CEA with any questions/concerns or for assistance.


  • Notify ProctorU of each students’ specific test accommodations via  ProctorU's Accommodation Request Form and, when applicable, program their extended time in blackboard.

    • Note: It is important to specify how accommodations are implemented in ProctorU's request form, as some test accommodations may result in the following:: the proctor hearing additional voices (ex: assistive software), the student being out of camera view temporarily (ex: brief breaks, access to medication/medical device), or having additional materials with them during the exam (ex: access to food/beverage, use of scratch paper).

  • Be prepared to answer student questions/concerns.  Please inform your students how to best reach you during exams.
  • Contact gproctor@uark.edu and  ada@uark.edu  with any questions/concerns about providing test accommodations for ProctorU exams! 

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