Student Handbook

The Center for Educational Access has historically been the central campus resource for students with disabilities obtain the accommodations they need for equal access to the campus educational and physical environments. Since 2007, the Center for Educational Access has expanded to serve equally in direct support for students with disabilities, as a training and educational resource for the University community as a whole, and as a consultant for the institution’s technological infrastructure, in order to maximize the accessibility of all programs, services, and activities offered at the University of Arkansas.

This handbook was created to answer common questions regarding the services available to students with disabilities at the University of Arkansas, and to detail the various procedures necessary to obtain them. It is our hope that the information provided is comprehensive and addresses your needs. Should you have a special concern that is not covered in this publication, please feel free to contact a staff member at Center for Educational Access for further assistance.

Section 1

Information for Prospective Students

Pre-Admissions Meetings

When to Register for Services


Rights and Responsibilities

Registration Process

Section 2

Documentation of a Disability

How Accommodations and Services are Determined

Implementing Accommodations Each Semester

Section 3

Types of Accommodations

Services of a Personal Nature


Section 4

Center for Educational Access Policies

Test Accommodations

Access to Lecture Content


Receiving Accessible Course Documents

Advanced Registration

Typewell Transcription Services

Assistive Listening Devices

Course Substitutions

Policy for Review of Personal Records

Housing/Dining Accommodations

Other Policies

Section 5

Grievance Policy and Procedure