ReadSpeaker TextAid

ReadSpeaker TextAid WebReader highlights text while reading it aloud. This guide will show you how to install the  WebReader browser extension and how to use the extension. ReadSpeaker also has video tutorials for using the TextAid WebReader extension.

Installing ReadSpeaker TextAid WebReader

1. Login to Blackboard

To install and use the ReadSpeaker TextAid extension, login into Blackboard and select the Tools menu in the left navigation menu.

Tools menu


2. Select ReadSpeaker TextAid

Click the ReadSpeaker TextAid button from the menu that appears on. In the future, you will repeat steps 1 and 2 in order to login to and use the TextAid Web Reader.

ReadSpeaker TextAid menu option



3. Select the WebReading Tool

Select Web Reading from the new left navigation menu on the ReadSpeaker page

Web reading left navigation menu


4. Install Browser Extension

Choose your browser and install the appropriate ReadSpeaker TextAid extension

Browser selection menu


The extension looks like a speaker icon inside of a circle. Click the button in order to bring up the TextAid interface. Once you have installed the Web Reader, you can repeat Steps 1 and 2 in order to login and continue using the extension.

Speaker in circle TextAid icon


How to use TextAid WebReader

Highlight and read text

Select text that you want to read aloud and the click the green play button to start reading the text selection.

Reading and hilighting a passage


Change the reading speed

Click the clock icon and and move the slider left to slow down the pace of reading or move the slider right to increase the speed text is read at.

Reading speed icon and selector


Change the reading language

Click the globe/world icon and select the language the content should be read in.

Changing the reading language