Syllabus Statement Regarding Disability-Related Accommodations

All faculty and instructors are encouraged to include a statement in their course syllabus inviting students with disabilities to meet with them in a confidential environment to discuss making arrangements for accommodations. This statement introduces the university’s accommodation process, creates a collaborative vehicle for making legally-mandated accommodations, and helps to build a positive and welcoming environment for students with disabilities.

The following is an example of a statement that can be used or adapted for your course syllabi:

University of Arkansas Academic Policy Series 1520.10 requires that students with disabilities are provided reasonable accommodations to ensure their equal access to course content. If you have a documented disability and require accommodations, please contact me privately to make arrangements for necessary classroom adjustments. Please note, you must first verify your eligibility for these through the Center for Educational Access (contact 479–575–3104 or visit for more information on registration procedures).