Utilizing Accommodations

Request your Faculty Notification Letters

Note: After receiving the email stating that you have completed the registration process, you must wait 24-hours before attempting to request your Faculty Notification Letters.

  1. Log into the CEA Online Student Services.

  2. Sign in using your UARK email.

  3.  Once you have logged into your profile, you may see at the top of the page a section called "Required Forms". These are eForm Agreements which you are required to read and digitally sign before you can proceed. Click on one title and they will all open. Read them and digitally sign them at the bottom of the page.

  4. Then, scroll down and you should see a listing of the courses for which you are registered.

  5. Select the check boxes in front of the courses for which you would like to request Faculty Notification Letters.

  6. Click the button "Step 2 - Continue to Customize Your Accommodations."

  7. A new screen is displayed showing each class for which you clicked the check box. Select accommodations you would like to use. (Note: to utilize test accommodations, select the group heading of "Accessible Testing/Quizzes". All of your testing accommodations will appear on your Faculty Notification Letters.)

When you select ‘Note-Taking Services’ on your letter request, it also submits your request for note-takers. Please be sure that you need a note-taker in the class before selecting. Peer notes may not be reasonable or appropriate when materials/resources are provided that are considered equivalent to a note-taker. Examples include but are not limited to PowerPoints, instructor notes, and class recordings. During the first week of classes you can determine in which classes you will require a note-taker.  You must confirm your note-taker request in order for us to continue the process of finding one for you. You will need to regularly log into CEA Online Student Services to check the status of your request and view available notes.

If you have not done so but are interested in discussing assistive technology or accessible course materials (such as accessible digital textbooks), please schedule a meeting with either Heidi Scher, CEA Associate Director, or Michael Madakasira, Access Coordinator - AT, (479-575-3104).

If you have the  accommodation "Accessible Course Materials", selecting this accommodation when requesting Faculty Notification Letters will include it on your letters when they are emailed to your instructors. 

You will also need to request the specific books you would like converted. If you have other course materials (such as a download or hard-copy handout),  or other questions, please review the informational videos on the CEA website.