Student Accommodation Responsibility Checklist

This is a checklist to help you understand your responsibilities in the accommodation process. The CEA office is available to help you with determining appropriate and reasonable accommodations, better understand the accommodation process, and answer any questions you might have – at any time throughout the semester. Email us at: or contact our office at (479) 575-3104 to schedule an appointment.

Your Responsibilities:

    1. As early as possible in the semester, contact (either email or phone) your instructors AND discuss with them how the accommodations are to be facilitated. Accommodations are NOT retroactive prior to your discussing your accommodations with each of your instructors.
    2. Any difficulties receiving any needed accommodations must be reported IMMEDIATELY to the CEA staff. The most efficient and quickest way to bring a situation to our attention is to email CEA describing the situation and how the CEA can contact you. Email
    3. You are responsible for following the procedures as written in the CEA Student Handbook. This handbook details accommodation policies and the University ADA/504 Grievance Procedures.

  • Remind the faculty member of your test accommodation needs at least 7 days in advance of EACH exam.
  • If taking exams at the CEA, you must also schedule exams with the CEA at least 7 days in advance of the test date/time.  Schedule exams via the CEA Online Student Services. Problems or questions? Email
  • Submit note-taker requests by choosing “note-taker” on your Faculty Notification Letters via the CEA Online Student Services. You may not need a note-taker in some classes such as online courses, practicums, drills, clinicals, and labs. Assess your needs before requesting note-takers. (you can always modify your request).
  • You are emailed when a note-taker is assigned and you are responsible to log into CEA Online Student Services to check for uploaded notes. (click the Note-taker tab to the left) You may contact the note-taker to discuss how notes will be provided if there are problems with uploading or downloading. Email if this occurs or if you have other questions or concerns.