Request Alternative Formats

It's Up to You...

Course materials (textbooks, handouts, digital reading materials, etc.) can be converted to alternate formats for students with print disabilities.  It's up to you - the student - to request what course materials you need to have  converted.

To receive alternative formats, a student must:

  • complete registration with the CEA;
  • meet with the Associate Director to discuss alternative formats and assistive technology options; and
  • request what materials need to be converted
  • prepare to use alternative formats

Important note:

CEA does not have access to Blackboard classes or course materials. We cannot download the items you request. You must provide the materials to the CEA Alternative Formats Lab.

Request Each Semester

Summary of Request Process

Each semester, students are responsible for:

  1. Requesting materials conversion via CEA Student Online Services and Faculty Notification Letter request.
  2. Submitting proof of ownership. 
  3. Provide class reading list.
  4. Download alternative formats via link emailed to UARK account.
  5. Modify accommodations on Faculty Notification Letters if there is a class schedule change.
  6. Request additional course materials be converted.

Detailed Instructions

Use the links below for detailed instructions on how to request textbooks or other course materials.

Requesting Textbook Conversion

Requesting Other Course Material Conversion