Online Instruction Tips for Students

Request Faculty Notification Letters

  • Students registered with the CEA (Center for Educational Access) can request a Faculty Notification Letter for each enrolled course via the CEA Online Student Services portal.
    • Informational videos are available for detailed, step-by-step instructions.
    • Communicate with Instructors about accommodations
      • Students may schedule a visit with the instructor, via telephone and/or email if an in-person meeting is not possible, to discuss how accommodations will be implemented.

Maximize participation in Online Learning Environment

  • Identify an appropriate study-space
    • A quiet and dedicated study-space is a proven way to start and stay focused!
    • Explore the features available through your learning platform.
      • Familiarize yourself with any course specific software or hardware that you may need.
      • Blackboard has a resourceful FAQ’s page relating to Student How-To's as well as online support available (7) seven days a week through the university’s IT (Information Technology) Help Portal

Use effective time management strategies

  • Set a time to “attend” your classes each day, as well as study goals for that day.
    • Utilizing a traditional planner, outlook calendar, or a to-do-list are all great ways to manage school-life.
    • Review your syllabi and start assignments early!
      • Plan to monitor your progress and set reminders for major assignment deadlines and semesterly milestones. For more tips on getting and staying ahead, check out Managing Time Effectively

Maximize your resources

  • Connect with on campus Academic Support Services that can help you reach your academic goals, such as:
    • Student Success offers tutoring, writing support, academic coaching via online appointments and on chat!

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