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Overview for Each Semester

  1. Request Alternative Formats
  2. Submit Required Information
  3. File Organization
  4. DropboxIT: Downloading Alternative Format Files
  5. Unzip the ZIP Files

Overview As Needed

Download & Install Software or Apps

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Each Semester

1 . Request Alternative Formats

  • In order to receive alternative formats, you must request materials be converted. Without your request, we don't know exactly what you need!
  • Request materials as early as possible so they may be ready for the semester.
  • Log in to CEA Student Online Services and request materials.
  • Not sure how to request materials? Instructions available at How to Request Alternative Formats.

2. Submit Required Information

  • Each semester, students with Accessible Alternative Formats accommodations are responsible for submitting: proof of ownership and class reading assignment lists to the CEA Alternative Formats Lab.
  • All digital information: email to
  • Hard copy: deliver to the CEA office at Arkansas Union Room 209.

3. File Organization

File organization is vital to effective use alternative formats.

  • On Windows or Mac desktop:
    • Create primary book folder (ex: "Textbooks-spring 2017").
    • Within that primary folder, create a folder for each book you have requested. (ex: "Textbooks-Spring 2015" » "Accounting Principles")

4. DropboxIT: Downloading Alternative Format Files

  • Converted materials are delivered directly to you via UA DropboxIT, a UA web application that provides secure file transfer.
  • CEA Alternative Formats Lab will send you an email with a link giving you access to download your alternative format materials.
    The file will be available to download for 10 days after which it is deleted off DropboxIT.
  • The link will require you to log in using your UARK credentials.
  • Once you have logged in, the file will download to your device.
    In most instances, the file will be a ZIP file - a compressed file format. You will know it is a ZIP file by its name:
  • When downloading files, save them into the appropriate book folder you made in step 3.

5. ZIP Files

For use on Windows or Mac, ZIP files must be "unzipped" or the files "extracted".

  • Double click file & the extraction software should open. If software does not open, you will need to download software. (Freebies are available on the web.)
  • If the .ZIP file is a whole book, extract all files into book folder (ex: "Accounting Principles").

As Needed

Download & Install Software or Apps

  • Go to the CEA webpage Apps to Use Alt Format (or you can search the web for the software/app).
  • Click on the appropriate operating system (Windows, Mac, iPad, Android)
  • Download the software/app to your device.*
  • Install the software on your device.*
  • Open the software/app and set preferences (e.g. if options available for color or text personalization).

* Experiencing Difficulties?

If you don't know how to make folders, download and install software, or work with zip files, please contact UITS or go to one of a GACL (General Access Computer Labs) on campus for assistance.

For assistance with AT specifically, contact us at We may be able to assist via email. Or, we will meet with you to assist with your specific technology and AT.

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