Using the Arkansas Relay Service

For voice & TDD users, dial 711

This service enables you to have a telephone conversation with a person who cannot use a standard telephone due to a hearing or speech impairment.

  1. Dial the voice phone number: 711.
  2. A Communications Assistant (CA) will answer.
  3. Tell the CA that you want to place a TDD call to (person's name) and give the phone number.
  4. The CA then uses a TDD to contact that person.
  5. The CA acts as an interpreter to relay what both parties say.
  6. The CA will let you know when connection has been made.
  7. Talk in your normal speaking voice (you may want to slow down a little but not too much).  Try to imagine you are actually typing yourself and use TDD abbreviations and descriptions of emotions.
  8. When you are finished speaking say "GA" for "Go Ahead".  This lets the CA know that you have completed what you are saying and it is their turn to speak/type.
  9. Think of the CA as an interpreter, who is there only to relay your conversation.  Talk directly to the person you called, do not say "Tell him or her ......".
  • When you answer the phone, the CA will explain that you have a relay call from (person's name). Just begin talking to the person as you normally would.  E.g., "Hello, this is (your name), GA" and continue as outlined in the TDD instructions.
  • What if I don't understand how to use the Relay Service?  At the beginning of the Relay call (whether you are placing the call or receiving the call), you may ask the Communications Assistant to assist you in how to use this service.
  • Use standard punctuation and other short cuts like typing "Q" at the end of a statement indicating a question.
  • Add emotion to your typing. If something is funny, type in "Ha!", "laughing", "smile", "big grin", or even "I'm laughing so hard I'm rolling on the floor!".  This is considered a courtesy and a way of making conversation more personal.
  • Don't backspace too much when you make typing mistakes.  Just type XX and continue.


ga=go ahead

sk=stop keying

sksk=call complete