Getting Started

Needing academic accommodations? Think you might need them? Get registered with CEA so accommodations can be implemented quickly if needed. Whether you are attending courses on the University of Arkansas campus or taking Global Campus courses via the Internet, the CEA is ready to assist you.  

Provision of reasonable accommodations is determined individually, based on the nature of the student's disability, the environmental barriers encountered, and the content of documentation provided. Please feel free to take a look at examples of accommodations which may be available. Students can register with CEA and request accommodations at any point during the semester, but accommodations are not retroactive.

The CEA offers two registration options for students who want to request accommodations – option 1: Expedited Registration and option 2: Standard Registration.

Students who opt for expedited registration do not complete an access plan meeting; and are typically processed faster than standard registrations. Expedited registration is only available for students selecting any of these accommodations:

  • 1.5x or 2x extended time on exams
  • Distraction-reduced testing environment
  • Permission to audio record lectures

NOTE: If requesting any other accommodations, follow the standard registration process.

Please note the important student obligations in the registration process below.

  1. Complete the request for services form by logging in to the CEA Online Student Services . Please be sure to upload document when you complete the registration form.
  2. Watch your university email account for a status update, typically within 3 business days after we receive your request.

For students wanting to request accommodations other than those listed for expedited registration or wanting an access plan meeting. Please note the important student obligations in the registration process below.

  1. Complete the request for services form by logging in to the CEA Online Student Services .
  2. Schedule an Access Plan Meeting with a CEA staff member to discuss your accommodations request and how the accommodtions may be facilitated.  Email: or call 479-575-3104.  
    • NOTE: For students who are registered for Global Campus courses and need accommodations but are not in the Fayetteville, AR area, please contact the CEA office to discuss how an Access Plan Meeting may be facilitated.
  3. Participate in an Access Plan Meeting with an Access Counselor via video conference, by phone or in person (subject to availability) to discuss disability/medical information and accommodation needs.
  4. Provide documentation of disability or medical condition that supports each accommodation request. We will be happy to discuss types of documentation during your access plan meeting. Documentation can be submitted before, during, or after your access plan meeting. 
    • Upload documentation via CEA Online Student Services, 
    • Fax to 479-575-7445, or
    • Bring it to the access plan meeting with you.
  5. CEA will review information and notify registration status to the student via student's UARK email.
  6. Once registration is complete, student is ready to request use of accommodations. (Please refer to the Utilizing Accommodations page for instructions.


Already registered with CEA for academic accommodations but needing to request Housing/Dining Services Accommodations? Please check out the CEA webpage on how to Request Housing/Dining Accommodations

Already registered with CEA for housing accommodations or as a service provider (such as a notetaker) but need academic accommodations? Please complete the online Request to CEA for Academic Accommodations and follow instructions provided.

The nature of the workplace accommodations may differ from academic accommodations students receive. For employment-related accommodation requests (including graduate, teaching and resident assistantships), visit the OEOC website to File a Report or Make an Accommodation Request.