Quick Tips for Accommodating Students with Disabilities in the Classroom

If you have any questions, at any time about working with a student with a disability, please contact the CEA office by emailing us at ada@uark.edu or by phone at 479-575-3104. We are happy to work with any faculty or instructor.

  • Invite students with disabilities to meet with you privately to discuss their
  • accommodation needs.
  • Review their accommodation packets with them. Discuss how accommodations are to be
  • facilitated, and follow up the discussion with an email.
  • Have all course materials available several weeks in advance of their use, particularly for
  • students who utilize converted text (e.g., audio format)
  • Provide outlines and/or copies of overheads or Microsoft PowerPoint presentations on a
  • course website or Blackboard.
  • Identify a potential note-taker for your course (note: you will be contacted by the CEA
  • office by email if one is needed).
  • Identify potential alternative testing locations in advance for students who need extended
  • time and a distraction-reduced testing environment.
  • Consult with CEA on access concerns (including website and PDF accessibility).

Syllabus Statement Regarding Disability-Related Accommodations