Test Accommodations

Students with disabilities may encounter any number of barriers to the various testing environments - online, paper-and-pencil, etc. As each individual may experience barriers which differ from those of another, no two student accommodation request letters may look the same. These accommodations  are necessary to remove barriers experienced by students with a wide variety of disabilities from medical or chronic health conditions to psychiatric disabilities.

If you have questions at any time regarding accommodations listed on a student's accommodation request letter, please contact the CEA office at 479-575-3104 or email us at ada@uark.edu

Accessible digital materials for open-book tests

For students who use alternative formats for textbooks and other course materials, they will also need to have these alternative formats available for any open-book tests.

All instructions provided in writing

For students with various disabilities, providing instructions in written format can remove barriers and avoid misunderstandings.

Brief breaks (during tests)

Student may need to take occasional breaks during test/quizzes. This may include leaving the room suddenly.

Calculator - audible - for tests/quizzes or Calculator - basic 4-function - for tests/quizzes

For students who are blind or have low vision, use of an audible calculator may be necessary. For students with other disabilities, use of a basic calculator (non-graphing) may remove barriers to math computation.

Distraction-reduced testing environment

For some students, the environment in which a test occurs can be a barrier to demonstrating their knowledge. Reducing these distractions can alleviate barriers to the process of focusing, formulating answers, reading and/or writing.

Tests formatted in accessible alternate format

  • Students with printed-related disabilities may need materials in accessible alternate formats (e.g. braille, audio, or audio with text).
  • Digital file does not equate to accessible file.
  • To access such materials, students may need to use technology such as special hardware, apps on an iPad or iPhone, or special software on their PC/Mac.
  • The CEA Alternative Text Lab can provide guidance and assistance to instructors regarding conversion of tests. Please contact the CEA Alternative Text Lab Coordinator at cealab@uark.edu.

Sign language interpreter or Transcriber (for test instructions or instructor communication)

For students with hearing loss, a sign language interpreter or transcriber can provide communication between the student and instructor or real-time communication of additional announcements which may be made verbally to the class during a test.


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