Examples of Accommodations

The following are examples of accommodations that have been provided for some students. 

(Note: This is not an exhaustive list of accommodations available).

  • Extended time for examinations
  • ASL certified interpreters
  • TypeWell transcribers
  • Textbook/Document conversion to alternate formats, such as Braille, specialized electronic format or large print
  • Access to lecture content
  • Distraction-reduced exam environment
  • CEA can facilitate communication with other departments regarding accommodation needs 

Assistive Technology

Because access to technology is imperative for student success, the University of Arkansas provides students with assistive computer technology in several labs on campus and for exams. Types of hardware/software available on campus:

  • Screen reader applications
  • Screen magnifier applications
  • Large monitors
  • Accessible work stations
  • Voice-to-text software
  • Scan and read applications
  • Assistive listening devices

Other applications and equipment continue to be acquired as need/resources dictate. If you have a specific technology request, please let the CEA staff know.